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Arty is an organisational tool designed to help users manage and work with a corpus of artworks in an academic setting. By streamlining common tasks such as image tagging, viewing, and comparison, Arty aims to simplify the research process and boost productivity. With Arty, users can easily annotate and organise their images, compare multiple artworks side by side, and export their corpus to Powerpoint or CSV formats. While Arty is somewhat limited by the technologies it relies on, it can make academic research more efficient and effective for those who work with image-based data.

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Introducing Arty - the image viewer and corpus management tool designed with art historians in mind. With a range of powerful features, Arty makes it easier to organize, annotate, view, and compare images of artworks.

With Arty, you have everything you need to stay organized, analyze digitized artworks, and create compelling presentations with ease. Try it out today and discover how it can help streamline your art history research and study.


One of Arty's main features is its ability to help you organize your images effortlessly. Simply keep all your images in a folder on your computer, and each folder becomes a corpus that you can open with Arty. From there, you can easily annotate your images with relevant information such as artist, title, and datation, helping you keep everything in order and easily searchable.


Arty also makes it simple to compare up to 4 images at once, helping you spot the similarities and differences between different artworks. This feature is perfect for side-by-side analysis and can be incredibly useful for research and analysis purposes.


Arty also lets you export your entire corpus or a selection of images to a Powerpoint presentation with automatic captions. This is a fantastic option for quickly creating presentations that include annotated images of artworks.

And for even more advanced uses, Arty allows you to export your corpus to CSV, while the application's collection file (.arty extension) is itself a JSON document.


Version beta-1.0